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Conditions of Sale


1. Placement of a bid will constitute acceptance of the conditions of sale.

2. All bids are per lot as numbered online and in the catalog. The right is reserved to withdraw any lot or lots and to group two or more lots.

3. Lots are sold to the highest bidder at one advance over the second highest bid. The auctioneer controls the bidding and in the event of any dispute the auctioneer’s decision shall be final.

4. The auctioneer shall not be liable for errors and omissions in executing instructions to bid.

5. Unlimited bids and bids believed not to be made in good faith will be respectfully declined.

6. Some lots are offered subject to a reserve price. The auctioneer will bid on behalf of the consignor until the reserve is met.

7. All lots will be sold at the price for which they are knocked down by the auctioneer.

8. Lots are considered sold when the auctioneer uses the word “sold”.

9. A commission of fifteen (15) percent will be added to the buyer’s winning bid(s) and is payable by the buyer.


Payment for Purchases

1. Successful bidders will be notified of lots purchased and must remit payment by cash or good check drawn on a United States bank before lots are delivered. Persons known to us may, at our discretion, have purchases forwarded for immediate payment.

2. Successful bidders may also use PayPal as a method of payment. A convenience fee of three (3) percent of the grand total of your invoice will be added if this option is selected. Due to an increase by PayPal in fees for international transactions, bidders outside the United States using PayPal will have a convenience fee of seven (7) percent.

3. Massachusetts bidders are subject to state sales tax of 6.25 percent of the total invoice amount unless a proper Massachusetts resale certificate is placed on file with Jasmin Auctions before the auction.  This certificate must be filed with Jasmin Auctions no later than 2 hours before the auction.

4. Successful bidders agree to pay for lots as specified above. Credit is not extended.

5. Accounts are considered overdue after 30 days and will be assessed a late charge of two (2) percent per month (minimum $25) after that time.


Delivery of Lots

1. Successful bidders may pick up their lots at the auction upon obtaining a receipt of payment from the cashier. 

2. Lots will be shipped to successful bidders by USPS insured mail with a signature request unless we are provided, in advance, with specific, written, instructions to deliver lots in a different manner.  A minimum handling charge of $2.50 will apply for shipments in addition to the USPS fees.

3. Any lot, the description of which is determined to be incorrect, is returnable within ten (10) days of receipt and must be received within four weeks from the date of the auction (see #4 below). All disputed lots must be returned intact in the condition received. The following lots may not be returned: lots containing ten (10) or more stamps; lots containing 3 or more covers; lots from buyers who have had the opportunity to examine them before the sale; lots described as having defects or faults may not be returned because of faults. No lot, illustrated online and/or in the auction catalog, may be returned because of centering, margins, or other conditions shown in the illustrations.

4. Minor imperfections such as, but not limited to, nicks, edge or flap tears, slight reductions in size, tears where wax seals were broken, and the like, are normal conditions for early covers and stampless folded letters. Folded letters, by their nature, will have folds. 19th and early 20th century covers are frequently purchased for rates, postal markings, destinations and other reasons than the condition of the cover or of the stamp affixed to them.  Therefore, items that have an ordinary stamp with a minor defect may not be returned and should not be expected to be mentioned in the lot description.



1. All lots are sold as genuine, but should any lot be proven otherwise by written opinion of any responsible authority acceptable to us, immediate refund of the full purchase price will be made, provided we are notified in writing within fourteen (14) days from date of sale that an opinion is being sought.

If claim is not made within this period, no lots are returnable for any reason at any time. We will not be responsible for any charges incurred by the buyer for expert opinion fees and costs unless the opinion states the item is not genuine, in which case we will pay actual costs up to a maximum of $50.00. In the event an item is proved “not as described”, it is returnable for a full refund. Any lot which has a certificate is sold in accordance with the certificate and is not returnable for any reason including an opinion obtained in a new certificate after the sale.

Marc G. Jasmin
Licensed & Bonded Auctioneer

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